Modular houses are prefabricated buildings which consists of modules. The installation process of such houses are completed on the site.

If you have been looking for modular houses of strong and durable quality then we are the manufacturer and supplier you should look upon. Afripanel offers the best modular houses at best price. You can trust us for a high-quality modular house in Africa.


Afripanel welcomes you for delivering you a modular house you require. Our modular houses are tailored hence it will perfectly fit your requirements. We guarantee best prefabricated house and best customer service.

Afripanel has been serving modular homes for a long time and has gained ideas for different types of modular houses. There are different requirements of customers as the  modular houses find use in various purposes. Therefore, there are varied types of modular house. You can let us know your requirements, the exact purpose for which you want a modular house so that we can manufacture the exact type of modular house you wanted to have.

Modular Houses: Modular houses from Afripanels are the ones you should go for when you want a strong and reliable prefabricated house. Afripanel manufactures modular houses with the top-quality materials. Find a quick, quality, strong, and beautiful looking modular house solution. Afripanel will give you the perfect solution for the type of modular house you want. We pre-manufacture the modular houses at our factory which is in Kempton Park, Gauteng, South Africa. Our modular house solutions are available for clinics, schools, accommodation units, offices, low-cost housing sector mining camps, and for many other purposes. No matter what purpose you want a modular house, Afripanel vow you the best of the best one.


Modular houses are perfect if you want to save the labor required, lessen the time of entire building process, have a flexible use building, or low-cost solution. Now-a-days such houses are gaining popularity due to its affordability and varied uses. Afripanel guarantees simple and easy buying of modular homes. You will get first-class modular house. Afripanel offers grid solutions like building structure and finishes, plumbing, solar power, gas water heating and solar water heating, civil works, etc. You can find customizable or custom buildings with us.

Why Afripanel for Modular House?

  • Modular Houses manufactured by us is undoubtedly the best.
  • Made from highest quality materials.
  • Customizable house.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Modular houses are eco-friendly.
  • Strong modular houses are manufactured.
  • Durable houses.
  • Easy to install.


Afripanel is a simple solution to the best modular house. You can fill the form below which asks name of the customer, delivery area, telephone, Email, you can easily reach out to us though this. For any queries, feel free to get in touch with us. 

 A customize and good-looking Modular House is promised by Africhill.