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Maintaining a home in order to give it a curb appeal is one of the major challenges of homeowners. You are forced, sometimes, to spend your money on projects which are not part of your annual budget. At this point, you become unhappy, because a larger part of your saving is going into home maintenance. However, you have a better option of getting out of excessive spending on home maintenance through prefab houses. Prefabricated buildings have become a good alternative for those that cannot cope with maintaining the financial burdens of traditional houses.


Interestingly, there is a lot you can achieve by investing in a prefabricated house. Here are some of the benefits.

1. Less cost

Under traditional construction, it is essential that you meet with consultants who can help you determine your type of house. Since consultations are not free, you may end up paying more for hiring building experts. Apart from the consultation, you also need to pay for workmanship before your new home can be set. However, prefab houses can help you bypass all of these stress that involve traditional home construction. You don’t have to make consultations or hire laborers before your home is ready for habitation. With prefab houses, from your design to completion is done within 4-5 weeks


2. Relocation

Moving to a new location can be exciting on one hand and displeasing on the other. The reason is that you have to sell off your apartment, sometimes at a cheap price. With prefabricated building, you have no issues regarding selling off your home. You can easily dismantle your home and move from one location to another, only to set it up again.

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3. Return on Investment

If you happen to own traditional house, you rest assured of saving up some money for maintenance in the future. The reason is that buildings will depreciate in value year in and out. Therefore, you need to spend some amount of money to improve its curb appeal. For a prefabricated house, you can expect the materials to stay intact. Regardless of the number of years of use, prefab houses can ensure return on investment. You don’t have to entertain worries concerning repainting or repairing damaged parts. A prefabricated building has strong materials that are resistant to the rainy or windy weather conditions.

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On a final note, you can become a proud homeowner without having to pay excessive consultation fees, as Afripanel will supply all specialist teams with certification. With prefab houses, you can set up a house that will not require the input of construction experts, as Afripanel has a in house Architect, Engineers, Electricians, plumbers and installation teams.  With the availability of an open space, you are ready to have a home to move into within 4 – 5 weeks …

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